Private Dinner at Shokudo

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“On Thursday October 22, SHOKUDO opened its door for a press private dinner to introduce their new food philosophy and design.

SHOKUDO’s president Yoko Takarada and the Executive Chef Armando Litiatco welcomed the press with beautiful canapes: Thai Deviled Eggs, Coconut Pumpkin Tart and Sugarcane Chicken, and their signature cocktails.

The dinner was composed of the best dishes of the new menu, which included Uni Toast, Lemongrass Mussels, Manila Ceviche, Poke Salad, Grilled Octopus, Marinated Koran Ribs and for dessert the fantastic Matcha Pot de Crème. There was not a bad critique about any of the dishes. The chef really managed to elevate these delicious creations and took it to another culinary level.

The combination of all these decadent varieties of Asian Cuisine foods, their refreshing cocktails and restaurant’s atmosphere is what makes this place so unique and inviting. There is not a plate in SHOKUDO that will disappoint anyone.

Doral Magazine was glad to be present. We thank Takarada, Litiatco, all the staff of Shokudo and DDM Advertising for their kind invitation and reception. Shokudo is located at 4740 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137″

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